The screwed up priorities of British Lefties: Their attitude towards The TPA

Have you noticed that whenever the Tax Payer’s Alliance come out with a new campaign, or expose multi-million £’s of government waste, lefties always attack the TPA with regards to the tax arrangements of the people running the TPA than they are about the actual scandal or waste? (could it be anything to do with the fact the parties they support are very often the cause of the stuff the TPA calls out or campaigns against?).

Try it at places like the Politics UK facebook group, or Yahoo Answers (Politics).

Will lefties try to ban the dictionary next?

On Twitter earlier, and on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show as I type this, I heard some daft MSNBC news host describe the term “Obamacare” as “racist”… didn’t Obama himself call it this before it started looking like the idea was (as predicted by many) going completely to ****?

Even other notorious lefties said it was nuts.

Got me thinking: Will leftards try to ban the dictionary next for being “racist filth” for having too many N-Words in it? There’s tonnes of them in the dictionary app on my iPhone, such as:

  • Naive
  • Numpty
  • Nacho
  • Nag
  • Nail-Head
  • Namby-Pamby
  • Nannyish
  • Nanny State
  • Napoleon
  • Narrow-minded
  • National Debt

+ so many others I can’t be bothered to count them (will they try to ban this blog for having those N-Words in it above?)


The blog has come home

As of 11th November 2013 we’ve moved back to the original blog after our sister-site AlltheSocialNet we’d moved to trying to use instead ran into a spot of bother with the webhosts (Arvixe) whinging at me about CPU usage of that site and freezing the bit of the site that allows log-ins, so we’re back to blogging (when I can think of something to write about) in-house at ConservativeChitChat (hosted by 1&1 UK), seeing as some improvements had been made to the blogs offered here + an upgrade to the hosting package earlier this year.

If you want to become a contributor on our blogs (one of my original intentions was to allow guest contributors on there, but so far no takers), join the blogs as normal then send me a message via the blogs or messageboard asking me to change your membership status there…. or bung a comment below this blog asking to become a contributor.

What do the left have against electricty?

Does anyone else get the feeling that Lefties have something against electricity?

First they used to see to it that it would go off at random due to their little union friends going on strike (until Mrs Thatcher came to power and gave them all a good handbagging)……….. now it seems they’re at it again with their insistance on using “renewable” energy sources that are about effective as a dynamo powered by a Hamster on a wheel + “smart meters” that turn off your fridge at random (don’t sound too smart to me).

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