The blog has come home

As of 11th November 2013 we’ve moved back to the original blog after our sister-site AlltheSocialNet we’d moved to trying to use instead ran into a spot of bother with the webhosts (Arvixe) whinging at me about CPU usage of that site and freezing the bit of the site that allows log-ins, so we’re back to blogging (when I can think of something to write about) in-house at ConservativeChitChat (hosted by 1&1 UK), seeing as some improvements had been made to the blogs offered here + an upgrade to the hosting package earlier this year.

If you want to become a contributor on our blogs (one of my original intentions was to allow guest contributors on there, but so far no takers), join the blogs as normal then send me a message via the blogs or messageboard asking me to change your membership status there…. or bung a comment below this blog asking to become a contributor.