Labour Party Try to Run a Concert

Apparently Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party tried to run a concert for young supporters in a field earlier today, and here’s some social media posts I’ve stumbled across showing just how well it went…….

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Happy Birthday President Trump

President Trump hits 72 years old today

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Kathy Griffin is a Massive Racist

Not only is the so called comedian a sicko who now currently looks like one of those f***ing “Elf on the Shelf” figures that come out at Christmas time, but now it turns out she’s also a massive racist…. and the real sort, not the fake ones leftists accuse people of being when they’re losing the argument…..

Apologies if the photo in the second tweet caused anyone to vomit at the sight of it…

Google Seems To Be Getting Less Useful For Sane People

I’ve started noticing this for the past year or two, and then I tried to do the search for climate articles on Breitbart to back-up something I was answering on Yahoo Answers.

Doing the search for “ + Climate” brought-up jack-sh*t on Google apart from an extract from a biased Wikipedia article. Doing the same search on Bing brought up actual results.

Suddenly Google seems to have worked properly now I’ve tweeted out the issue prior to starting this article.

But I’ve noticed similar issues on Google before, for instance doing searches about Obama admin scandals brings up Snopes as a top result followed by a crap load of results from left-wing rags lightly trying to paper over the scandal.

Snopes used to be a respected sources for debunking BS on the Internet, now it’s not so much it seems:

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California Nightmarin’

To most fellow outsiders, California is a happy state full of sunshine, beaches, baywatch babes, vineyards, Hollywood celebs & stuff like that… with perhaps the odd drought, earthquake or wildfire.

Evidence I’ve seen lately points to quite the opposite, this article is not intended to beat the crap out of a place I don’t like because I actually like the place, just not the way it’s been run in recent times.

What I’ve seen of the area around the Golden Gate Bridge is one of my most favourite on the Planet I’d like to go take a closer look at some day if I wasn’t broke asf.

I also like the look of the area around Santa Monica Pier from what I’ve seen on Google Streetview + a number of big names in the world of posting YouTube Videos.

Even my current last likely hope of getting hitched is from California.

Housing over in California has become seriously freakin’ expensive, I had a poke around on a Real Estate website a few weeks back, and small Bungalow type houses I’ve seen fetching $175,000 tops in more down to earth States like Illinois / Ohio / Texas / Arkansas were shifting for around $1.5million

Things had gotten so bad that people even in fairly decent paying jobs have had to take to living in an RV on an insane scale, and from what I could tell from the same vids about the situation is much of it is caused by foreign investors from Asia snapping up properties and sitting on them. Also housing developers don’t seem to be helping either by trying to cure a shortage of affordable housing by building more freakin’ expensive housing.

One of the key highlights of the USA is their penchant for liberty & free speech. Unfortunately California seems to have gained a number of lawmakers who don’t appear to be too big on that kind of stuff. Unless you break immigration law to enter the United States, just not if you’re a born & bred American.

Cross your fingers the Democrats in California get the boot soon and replaced with sane people