President Biden Visit to Vatican Resulted in Apparent Mishap

Word is going round on Social Media (twitter) tonight that President Joe Biden’s visit to see the Pope at the Vatican did not go very well.

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Green Power Plant Causes Worst Pollution

I’ve been watching the news long enough to see James Delingpole mock the idea as long ago as 2007 in the Daily Mail, and later also in The Spectator around 2017.

I am talking of course about the choice of fuel used by Drax Power Plant, touted as an “eco power plant” when they swapped from coal to wood chips to “save the planet”.

It would appear their choice turned out to be even worse than “climate sceptics” (aka “climate realists”) warned it would be………… Continue reading “Green Power Plant Causes Worst Pollution”

Making Your Energy More Expensive

A couple of weeks ago I saw a story about how the government was contemplating whacking more green taxes on your energy bill in the vain hope of “saving the planet”.

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Global Stilling is Upon Us

So, yesterday in the news I saw the latest catchphrase being uttered by the climate change lot: Global Stilling.

It is the latest addition to the reasons why wind power is not what it is cracked up to be, and next to useless because “Global Stilling” makes the wind too slow to be of much use for it.

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