Democrats Waste Time Passing Laws That Already Exist

Saw this post from top commentator Dana Loesch in my Instagram feed just now


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If you were in any doubt that Democrat politicians are a waste of space, this surely confirms it? Continue reading “Democrats Waste Time Passing Laws That Already Exist”

Conservative Party Judas List

With the No Confidence vote on PM Boris Johnson out the way, the grassroots are itching to find out who the 148 MP’s were who voted against him, so they know who to give dirty looks to and vote out of office next time.

This post is intended to be an attempt at piecing together necessary evidence. Continue reading “Conservative Party Judas List”

Boris Wins No Confidence Vote

You’ve probably already seen it on the news by the time I’ve got this posted published, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson won the No Confidence vote you may have heard about.

More to follow shortly