A Funny Thing Happened To Me When I Tried To Post on Twitter Lastnight

Lastnight I tried to share a YouTube video on Twitter, but something a bit weird happened.

The video was about a slightly dodgy electrical heating device made in China, and had the title “Chinese automatic house ignitor. (also available in pink)” and was made by a British Youtuber called Bigclivedotcom. Here it is below for your viewing pleasure:
Unfortunately trying to share it to twitter via either the share button, or copy & pasting the title and url directly into twitter did not go smoothly.

Doing it via the share button got me a red stripey message saying I’d already posted it (when it sure as hell hadn’t).

Copy & Pasting it gave me another red stripey message saying “something went wrong”.

I then altered the spelling of “Chinese” to “Ch*nese”, and the thing went through no problem.

I then tried to make a post below that to explain the change in spelling, complete with a screenshot, but that also “had issues” I screenshotted.

Doing a fresh post with a follow-up screenshot of the original screenshot of the that post went through fine for some strange reason.

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