Auntie Beeb Needs A Good Spanking

BBC Salford Media City

After the leaders debate type thing on the BBC earlier on, the main takeaway I’m getting is that the BBC Bias on display was among some of the worst ever seen.

For some time, even before they pissed me off by dropping the Formula 1 coverage + then ruining Top Gear, I have been in favour of looking to re-boot the BBC.

First I had the idea of hacking back the licence fee to a more reasonable £99.99 a year when it was only £144 a year for the thing, only to see it end up now costing a few pennies shy of £155 instead.

More recently I’ve been hatching an idea to add the policy section on the blog of scaling back the licence fee to £75 a year to put it inline with popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video + Netflix + Now TV, etc…. but still haven’t got round to it.

Others such as the Taxpayers Alliance + The Brexit Party + the IEA are in favour of chopping the TV Licence altogether.

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