British Media Needs To Be More Diverse

Yesterday you may have noticed from reading Twitter that the British Media didn’t exactly endear themselves to the public with the way they handled Dominic Cummings’ trip oop north to stay closer to family while suffering with the virus thing that’s going on in order to make sure their autistic kid had someone familiar around should things hit the fan further.

The British public were so not amused with the way the media handled the incident that they got the hashtag #ScumMedia trending on the platform.

This frustration is, I guess, a problem that us Conservative types (and UKIP / English Democrat / Brexit Party types) have had going on for a number of years now: A severe lack of diversity in the choice of media available to us, especially when it comes to broadcast media (and not the BAME/LGBT type of  politically correct diversity).

All the news channels available on television seem to have a slightly patronising “liberal elite” New Labour / Liberal Demcrat / Green Party / SNP / Wet Remoaner Tory / leftist / centrist bias going on.

Anything that tries to be anything other than that seems to get immediately jumped on by the left, and slagged off as “extreme right wing” to try put people off, even though they’re no worse than Conservative MPs + MEPs such as John Redwood, Daniel Hannan, Douglas Carswell & Prime Minister Boris Johnson have shown to be in the past when writing their blogs and other things they write.
This is likely how we lost access to the less bad Fox News channel from the Sky satellite platform a few years back, when Rupert Murdoch randomly pulled the plug on it claiming low viewing figures of around 66,000 – which I presume was the result of leftists who didn’t even watch it slag it off as “extreme right wing” to put people off watching it.

This is the same mob that for years in politics pages / groups on Facebook slag off Britain’s poshest newspaper The Daily Telegraph as “The Torygraph” and try to do similar numbers on the Daily Mail, Daily Express and Breitbart by constantly dismissing them as a bad source, and even going as far as harrassing the cr*p out of their advertisers in order to get them to pull the plug and stop advertising on the websites of those news outlets.

In America they appear to have much better choice as they still have Fox News (apparently gone downhill), and the less sensationalist Fox Business channel. Both of which you can at least see 5-10minute short clips on their respective YouTube channels.

They also have One America News + Newsmax as alternative sources of TV news for Conservatives, with OAN being available in juicy little morsels on their YouTube channel, and Newsmax appears to be live-streaming a feed of their channel on there too.

They also seem to be more adept over there at creating news / politics opinion shows with interviews that you can watch via subscription to stream over the internet, as well as get samples of through their channel on YouTube – and be as successful as the big boys in the establishment media
For example there’s TheBlaze, The Daily Wire, The Rubin Report + Louder with Crowder. Also not forgetting the PragerU channel.

Meanwhile down under in Australia, their version of Sky News seems a bit different (and better) than the version of Sky News we get here in the UK.


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