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Some of the stuff that ConservativeChitChat Supports (UK Edition)

1) Brexit… Leaving the EU holds the key to being able to do alot of the stuff that many of the stuff I support likely depends on, like keeping proper tabs on immigration. 2) Flat Taxes… they’ve been yapping for too long about simplifying them, how about actually doing it? Introducing Flat Taxes would zap many loopholes, and encourage those with fat wallets to just cough-up what they owe, instead of paying accountants to find ways to wriggle out of paying more than they have to. 3) A £155 per week Minimum Citizens income…. originally touted by the Greens, and branded a bloody stupid idea because it would cost around

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What became of Gordon Brown’s infamous Stealth Taxes?

This is the random question that just popped into my head a few minutes ago. I’ve seen plenty of mention of them in the past, such as at this link I like to keep handy: I suppose I’d be right in guessing that unlike Gordon Brown, a large chunk of them haven’t disappeared yet and are still sneaking extra money out of our pockets into the government piggy bank, in addition to the “super star” taxes that get all the main attention, e.g. Income Tax, National Insurance, Fuel Tax, Road Tax, etc. Am I right?

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Flat Taxes & Leftie Lobotomy patients again

Yes, someone posted another article about how we need to introduce flat taxes in the UK (how about we stop yapping about them, and just introduce them?), and it appeared on that Politics UK Facebook group……… Post by Politics UK. Once again it showed up how vile, nasty & mentally retarded lefties are when I saw this comment: Ian WarnerNo and nazi shit like this should be punishable by death. Yesterday at 7:38pm · Like It’s not the first time I’ve seen that Warner clown post stupid stuff like that either (he regularly calls for all Tories to be sent to Auschwitz style death camps in previous posts on that

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Leftard halfwits are still falling for & peddling Labour’s “it was an international crisis” distraction technique

Back in 2008 (5 or 6 years ago now) you may recall that Labour screwed-up the economy big-style, and used “it was an international crisis” + “it was Thatcher’s fault for de-regulating the banks” as an excuse to try and wriggle out of the blame. As their supporters are generally lazy bastards who seem to get their information (or lack of) via word of mouth, or only just bother to read the headline and not the whole thing (You may have noticed this if you’ve ever tried to convince them of the benefits of Flat Taxes, or bringing sanity to human rights laws)…. last week I noticed they are still

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