Green Power Plant Causes Worst Pollution

I’ve been watching the news long enough to see James Delingpole mock the idea as long ago as 2007 in the Daily Mail, and later also in The Spectator around 2017.

I am talking of course about the choice of fuel used by Drax Power Plant, touted as an “eco power plant” when they swapped from coal to wood chips to “save the planet”.

It would appear their choice turned out to be even worse than “climate sceptics” (aka “climate realists”) warned it would be………… Continue reading “Green Power Plant Causes Worst Pollution”

Making Your Energy More Expensive

A couple of weeks ago I saw a story about how the government was contemplating whacking more green taxes on your energy bill in the vain hope of “saving the planet”.

Yesterday I saw news that they’ve actually been daft enough to press ahead with the idea. Continue reading “Making Your Energy More Expensive”

Global Stilling is Upon Us

So, yesterday in the news I saw the latest catchphrase being uttered by the climate change lot: Global Stilling.

It is the latest addition to the reasons why wind power is not what it is cracked up to be, and next to useless because “Global Stilling” makes the wind too slow to be of much use for it.

Continue reading “Global Stilling is Upon Us”

Twitter Twats Strike Again

The Anti-Free Speech Nazi types in charge of Twitter struck again on Thursday night by nailing this blog’s account on there for making a harmless joky off-the-cuff reply to a tweet on their stupid website.

Prominent environment correspondant type person on there Steve Milloy posted a video of the stupidest man in American politics, epic failure former Democrat Presidential Candidate John Kerry being quoted in a TV interview as “wanting to get all the carbon out of the atmosphere” in an attempt to look more knowledgeable than he really is at his new climate job.

This is despite the fact actual scientists more qualified on the topic have been warning for some time that the amount of carbon in the atmosphere has dropped to below half the amount needed to sustain plant life on the planet by acting as plant food. Continue reading “Twitter Twats Strike Again”

Don’t Ban Petrol and Diesel Cars You Morons

Another day, Another Green crap policy proposal that makes me consider my options of which British political party to give my vote to when needed.

I was already pissed off at the “Conservative” party for ruining my favourite fizzy drinks & fruit cordials with that stupid misguided sugar tax under the hopeless May woman.

In my previous blog post I was rolling my eyes at the proposal to ban cheap to run gas boilers in a country where it gets cold enough to freeze your nuts off.

When I got up today I saw in the news they were dusting off and toying with the stupid idea of bringing forward plans to ditch proper cars that actually work with stupid useless electric things so terrible they make even that old socialist sh*tbox the Trabant look partially decent. Continue reading “Don’t Ban Petrol and Diesel Cars You Morons”

Don’t Ban Gas Boilers You Morons

Earlier this year, before the Conservative Party got rid of the disaster known as former Prime Minister Theresa May, I blogged that the “Conservative” Party had come up with the bloody stupid green crap policy of banning gas boilers.

While perusing my Facebook timeline just now, it would appear that bloody stupid idea is still on the menu despite the fact the Americans are massively reducing their emissions by increasing their use of this very same natural gas the “conservative” government is planning to ban boilers that use it. Continue reading “Don’t Ban Gas Boilers You Morons”

Another Support Losing Green Crap Policy from the “Conservative” Government

Some time around 2016/2017, much was being made about how the USA was cutting emissions big style by increasing use of Natural Gas.

Fast forward to today’s UK Budget statement thingy……….

The feedback in the comments were largely not of a positive supportive nature, and more along the lines of it being a batshit crazy stupid idea…. Continue reading “Another Support Losing Green Crap Policy from the “Conservative” Government”

Climate Realists vs Alarmists

Climate Realists, aka Sceptics, are like a man with an itchy testicle treating it as such – they’re treating a tiny problem as just a tiny problem.

Climate Alarmists, aka Global Warmingists, are like a man with an itchy testicle reacting to it as though they’ve just had a limb cut off with a chainsaw – they’re over-reacting big time.

Idiocies of the Left: Dissing Climate Realism

Another of the dumb things I’ve noticed leftards do of late is dismiss Climate Realists (or “Climate Sceptics” as they diss them as) who post information showing the reality of climate change / global warming / Man-made global warming – because it was on a blog or a messageboard and not a scientific paper. Even though if they’d bothered to actually read the bloody thing they’d realise it was relaying information from scientific papers calling their beloved climate change religion a load of crap based on bad science out into the mainstream and in a digestible format for people who might not otherwise know where to find or even tackle reading such things.

Then when you point this out to them that Climate Realist blogs pass on info from Scientific papers in a similar way to Newspapers + TV News Stations get information from the like of AP & Reuters, the fucktards cut off your comment (about relaying information) and call you stupid…..

  • John Duck Just because a blog or messageboard says Climate change is bollocks doesn’t make it less relavent because “it isn’t a peer reviewed scientific paper”, as all the majority of them are doing is relaying details of peer reviewed scientific papers that says Climate Change / Global Warming / Man-made global warming is bollocks out into the mainstream where more people can see them…. just like blogs / news articles, etc pitching climate change / global warming as a religion do (even if most of pro-global warming ones seem to recycle old information as true from a couple of years before climate realists later showed them to be either wrong or potentially wrong)
  • Kimmy Haynes ‘ Just because a blog or messageboard says Climate change is bollocks doesn’t make it less relavent because “it isn’t a peer reviewed scientific paper”‘

    A researched scientific paper fashioned by an educated expert in the field trumps a private blog or message board posting. How one suggests that it doesn’t is baffling.
  • Rod Macdonald @john duck: ‘doesn’t make it less relavent because “it isn’t a peer reviewed scientific paper”,’
    Are you really stupid or just delusional?
  • John Duck read the rest of it where it mentions that while they may not be scientific papers, they do RELAY SCIENTIFIC PAPERS, as in BASE INFORMATION IN THE BLOG ON STUFF WRITTEN IN SCIENTIFIC PAPERS…. kinda like how newspapers + TV news stations get stuff from news agencies such as AP or Reuters and pass them on, rather than do the hardwork themselves *rollseyes* some people on here really need to go to bloody SpecSavers ^

Their other favourite thing seems to be, particularly when you point fingers at Climategate to show their views aren’t as much a “Scientific consensus” they stomp their feet insisting it is by them then pointing fingers at articles in New Scientist magazine from 2007 (2 years before Climategate was revealed) insisting it is true because that magazine from 2yrs before it was shown to be dodgy says so.


Government department tweak idea

Bin the post of “Energy & Climate Change Minister”.

Replace with:

  • Minister for Environment & Conservation
  • Energy Minister / Minister for Energy & Utilities (attached to the Department for Business)