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Climate Realists vs Alarmists

Climate Realists, aka Sceptics, are like a man with an itchy testicle treating it as such – they’re treating a tiny problem as just a tiny problem. Climate Alarmists, aka Global Warmingists, are like a man with an itchy testicle reacting to it as though they’ve just had a limb cut off with a chainsaw – they’re over-reacting big time.

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Idiocies of the Left: Dissing Climate Realism

Another of the dumb things I’ve noticed leftards do of late is dismiss Climate Realists (or “Climate Sceptics” as they diss them as) who post information showing the reality of climate change / global warming / Man-made global warming – because it was on a blog or a messageboard and not a scientific paper. Even though if they’d bothered to actually read the bloody thing they’d realise it was relaying information from scientific papers calling their beloved climate change religion a load of crap based on bad science out into the mainstream and in a digestible format for people who might not otherwise know where to find or even tackle

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Government department tweak idea

Bin the post of “Energy & Climate Change Minister”. Replace with: Minister for Environment & Conservation Energy Minister / Minister for Energy & Utilities (attached to the Department for Business)

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