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Shove your sugar taxes where the sun doesn’t shine

All they would do is take money from poor people (making them poorer), straight into the government’s bank account without doing anything to tackle the actual problem (such as encouraging people to take a break from sitting on their arse watching crap reality shows, or playing call of duty, and getting some damn exercise). Items that would be affected are already expensive enough for what they are, without some jumped-up food-nazi TV Chef’s nanny-state taxes being whacked on top of them. Most 45g Chocolate bars cost around 60p now (were around 45p when I was a kid)…. 330ml cans of soft drink are around 59p to 70p now (up from

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Lefties, Immigration problems & diarrhea

I just took a peep at my Facebook timeline a few moments ago, and I saw this……… Brace yourself. Here it comes… Posted by Breitbart on Saturday, August 29, 2015 The reason immigration in both America & Europe is turning into a total disaster is because of people like him treating the problem in a way that’s akin to a man with a severe bout of Diarrhea trying to treat it with the kind of powerful laxatives used prior to a colonoscopy (instead of a more suitable treatment such as

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A Labour party lead by Jeremy Corbyn would be like Kinky sex

So it’s suddenly popped into my head that a Labour party being lead by Jeremy Corbyn would probably be rather alot like sex involving handcuffs, gas masks + custard filled wellington boots……. different, but followed only by a few weirdo’s. Any bets yet on how many more seats Labour will lose in the next General Election with him in charge? Especially if people are a bit tetchy about some of his mates……. Tuesday Caption Contest Special: Jeremy Corbyn, Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams Edition — Guido Fawkes (@GuidoFawkes) July 21, 2015 Jeremy Corbyn, friend to Hamas, Iran & extremists So in tune with so much of the

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Blocked by Galloway

It’s considered a sign of having made it among Conservatives on Twitter to have been blocked by George Galloway on Twitter, and today I noticed I’ve finally “made it”. @ConservativeCCh Can't think why the loud mouthed, small minded wanker would do such as thing…….. — ConservativeChitChat (@ConservativeCCh) May 10, 2015 To celebrate, I decided to try make a few George Galloway jokes, seeing as he can’t see ’em….. What did the man with the 1-inch cock have for breakfast? I dunno 'cos @georgegalloway blocked me, so can't see if he tweeted what he had — ConservativeChitChat (@ConservativeCCh) May 10, 2015 How many George Galloway's does it take to change

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Hereditary Labour Voters & Sheep Shagging

With the 2015 General Election getting ever closer, you’ll no doubt start hearing stories about zombiefied sheeple voting Labour for no other reason than it being because their Grandad + other previous generations of relatives did so before them out of blind faith too. While doing something in the kitchen a few moments ago, I managed to crack myself up after a train of thought on a parr with a Billy Connolly stand-up routine on this subject popped into my head, and it was so damn funny (well I thought so anyway), I just had to write it down in this blog and share it. If people are voting Labour

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Would we be further ahead in the polls if we hadn’t laid back and thought of England when lefties attacked?

You may have noticed from the polls that even though Labour has some of the least liked politicians in the UK, such as Ed Balls, Mad Hattie Harperson + Liam “there’s no money left” Byrne, that the gap between them & us Conservative types in the polls is more like one of those touring car races where the drivers are knocking each other’s door mirrors off…. rather than being the polling equivalent of one of those old wet F1 races where Ayrton Senna would lap the entire field. I place the blame on the early days of the coalition, where lefties on social media groups such as this and this

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Labour run Lambeth Council are skint…..

So they’re running a poster advertising campaign bitching about it…. Beautiful irony of Labour-run Lambeth Council advertising the fact they have no money, by spending money on adverts. — Cameron Brown (@cameronbrownuk) January 16, 2015

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You’d have to be f***ing insane to vote for the greens

You may have noticed a bit of a kerfuffle over the recent appearance of the leader of the Green Party in an interview on the BBC on Sunday. In case you missed it………. You would have to be mad to contemplate voting the Green Party after Andrew Neil grilled her policies. #voteUKIP — exlab (@exlabourite) January 26, 2015 If you know anyone thinking of voting for crackpot Greens in May, please ask them to watch this @afneil interview. — Iain Martin (@iainmartin1) January 25, 2015 See, told you it didn’t go too well, with the Telegraph describing the greens as Toddlers and many others being far less polite

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Monty Python: Conservatives vs Leftards

Many leading Conservatives when they’re in top form seem to have a knack for sneaking Monty Python quotes into their speeches. Leftards on the other hand seem to be intent on making the people of the world feel as though they’re living in a Monty Python sketch, no matter what sort of form they’re on………. (OK, maybe things ain’t quite this bad yet, but give it time…)

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What became of Gordon Brown’s infamous Stealth Taxes?

This is the random question that just popped into my head a few minutes ago. I’ve seen plenty of mention of them in the past, such as at this link I like to keep handy: I suppose I’d be right in guessing that unlike Gordon Brown, a large chunk of them haven’t disappeared yet and are still sneaking extra money out of our pockets into the government piggy bank, in addition to the “super star” taxes that get all the main attention, e.g. Income Tax, National Insurance, Fuel Tax, Road Tax, etc. Am I right?

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