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I’ve just cobbled this widget together for use on the new ConservativeChitChat Website that’s a work in progress after a few “issues” that flaired up trying to install the annoying EU Cookie consent thingy.

(this widget was made because Amazon seem to have binned their aStore service that enabled webmasters to stick a miniature online store on their sites via Amazon advertising).

The blog has come home

As of 11th November 2013 we’ve moved back to the original blog after our sister-site AlltheSocialNet we’d moved to trying to use instead ran into a spot of bother with the webhosts (Arvixe) whinging at me about CPU usage of that site and freezing the bit of the site that allows log-ins, so we’re back to blogging (when I can think of something to write about) in-house at ConservativeChitChat (hosted by 1&1 UK), seeing as some improvements had been made to the blogs offered here + an upgrade to the hosting package earlier this year.

If you want to become a contributor on our blogs (one of my original intentions was to allow guest contributors on there, but so far no takers), join the blogs as normal then send me a message via the blogs or messageboard asking me to change your membership status there…. or bung a comment below this blog asking to become a contributor.

Forum spam

This remains a problem that drives webmasters like myself nuts, plenty (but not quite enough) is done about e-mail spammers… but the general opinion is that Law Enforcement & Web Companies don’t give a flying toss about Forum Spam.

Any passing Politicians / Politicians advisors wishing to investigate this problem might want to have a looks at the StopForumSpam Forums to learn about the extent of the problem. is now on Twitter is now on Twitter to spread website news, news of interest to people interested in Conservative politics, and hopefully also draw in visitors to the messageboard & these blogs to turn this online community into a fully functioning one with members.

You’ll find it at!/ConservativeCCh if you haven’t already seen it.

Welcome to the Blogs

Welcome to the Blogs section………… keep your eyes peeled for the first proper post on something, or feel free to submit something yourself if you fancy having a crack at becoming the next Conservative blogging superstar – just drop me a message via the messageboard (seperate registration required).