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You’d have to be f***ing insane to vote for the greens

You may have noticed a bit of a kerfuffle over the recent appearance of the leader of the Green Party in an interview on the BBC on Sunday. In case you missed it………. You would have to be mad to contemplate voting the Green Party after Andrew Neil grilled her policies. #voteUKIP — exlab (@exlabourite) January 26, 2015 If you know anyone thinking of voting for crackpot Greens in May, please ask them to watch this @afneil interview. — Iain Martin (@iainmartin1) January 25, 2015 See, told you it didn’t go too well, with the Telegraph describing the greens as Toddlers and many others being far less polite

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Ed Miliband apparently made the worst speech ever today

Apparently the Labour Party have been holding their annual conference, and Ed Miliband made a speech as disasterous as a Top Gear caravanning holiday (only less entertaining) with it slated by both the media + politicians from the Conservatives, UKIP + his own side. In Twitchy(ish) style, here’s some of the best comments I’ve spotted on Twitter about it: Miliband’s speech set to last 80 minutes. By coincidence, that’s how long a base coat of Dulux paint takes to dry. — Tim Stanley (@timothy_stanley) September 23, 2014 Miliband sounding like a bank manager at an amateur dramatic reading of a Martin Luther King speech. #Lab14 — Mr W (@zackw_) September

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