Insignificant Socialist Moron Lets Slip What They Think of Struggling Small Business Owners

Earlier this morning before I settled down to watching a DVD of the movie Carry on Teacher I responded to a twitter post from the folks at PragerU about CreepyJoe’s tax plans.

I often used to read about the art of leftie-baiting on the old Telegraph blogs and the early days of the UK edition of Breitbart c/o James Delingpole. Continue reading “Insignificant Socialist Moron Lets Slip What They Think of Struggling Small Business Owners”

Twitter Commits Hari Kari

News came in tonight that a certain until recently popular short-blogging website owned by a beardy bloke named jack finally comitted hari kari by partaking in their own version of the night of the long knives, and zapped President Trump and a large number of his team & followers from their platform.

A number of people I’ve been following have been complaining about their follower numbers dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants around an intern. Continue reading “Twitter Commits Hari Kari”

Facebook and Twitter in Trouble Again

For the past couple of years many questions have been asked about the impartiality of well known popular social media companies.

Over the course of tonight’s dinner and flitting between eating and checking my twitter timeline I noticed that Facebook and Twitter have done it again, getting it in the neck from a number of prominent figures, with Senator Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz leading the charge.

This time they have apparently censored an article by a well known American media outlet called the New York Post, which exposed some questionable financial dealings by an immediate family member of Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Continue reading “Facebook and Twitter in Trouble Again”

Piers Morgan Picks Fight With Candace Owens

Saw this in my timeline, and it’d be rude not to share……..

Having seen Candace knocking around on social media for a number of years I know how switched on and what a fiery bad-ass she is when dealing with those foolish enough to challenge her.
Piers probably hasn’t been knocked around this hard since that incident with Jeremy Clarkson some years back……

Continue reading “Piers Morgan Picks Fight With Candace Owens”

Nevada Endorsement Shenanigans?

While poking around on Twitter lastnight I stumbled upon this thread suggesting foul play was afoot with the endorsements for Congress in Nevada…..

Chipping in to try get an answer…..

Here’s what happened next….. Continue reading “Nevada Endorsement Shenanigans?”

2 About China (25th April 2020)

Here’s two notable things I’ve spotted pop-up in my timeline about China that you might want to take note of if you missed it earlier.

First-up from the Daily Signal (a news outlet created by the highly esteemed American Think-tank The Heritage Foundation), writing about the how the world’s relationship with China will likely have to change once things start getting back to normal……

Meanwhile it seems the EU & China have conspired in trying to cover-up things they shouldn’t be…..

Journo Goes Nuclear on Labour MP

I was flicking through Twitter while eating my dinner, and I found this……….

Some Sensible Posts About the NHS

Lately I’ve seen something incredible rare on social media these days: some posts about the NHS that are so sensible it’d be rude not to share, and not let them fade into obscurity:

Bananaman Returns

David Milliband is..... Bananaman

When I got up today, my news feeds and timelines were filled with news of the return of Bananaman, brother of Beaker.

Apparently he’s tag-teamed with a cross-party bunch of has-beens to Remoan about Brexit, so he’s lost none of his old abilities to spout BS.

You’d have to be f***ing insane to vote for the greens

You may have noticed a bit of a kerfuffle over the recent appearance of the leader of the Green Party in an interview on the BBC on Sunday.

In case you missed it……….

See, told you it didn’t go too well, with the Telegraph describing the greens as Toddlers and many others being far less polite than that (to put it mildly).

They want to devolve our armed forces from it’s present proud (despite the cuts) form, to something akin to Dad’s Army.

They want to scrap our nuclear deterrent, at a time when Russia + Iran + North Korea are starting to get a bit “frisky”.

They want to totally abolish immigration controls, at a time when people already think we’re letting in too many immigrants of the wrong sort, and despite reforms brought in by the Conservative / LibDem coalition can still barely tell whether or not we actually have any immigration control.

They want to make it easier to bring it a foreign spouse…….. which admittedly is probably the only thing I will ever agree with the green party on ‘cos I’ve had it with British women – never caused me anything but problems with teasing me + calling me ugly + getting the wrong end of the stick over stuff + most of them seem to be more interested in tattoo covered Stella swilling morons. In contrast I’ve found women from the USA + Canada act far better towards me. The Ukranian ones don’t seem too bad either (apart from the language barrier).

Erm, anyway………… the greenies also apparently want to stick the British Royal Family (who help drum up millions of £’s of business for the UK every year) in a council house.

Additionally……. they want to give everyone (including millionaires) an allowance of £72 a week, which is 40p a week less than people currently get on Jobseekers allowance (or £1.10 a week less than when it goes up in April).

This would apparently cost about £250billion a year to finance, nearly £100billion a year more than the £156billion a year budget shortfall that Labour left for the Conservative Party to try whittle down.

The Green’s Education policy is apparently so shit that even the Labour party noticed it’s crap (and Tory’s agree with Labour’s Tristram Hunt, for once).

Oh, and they also apparently think it’s ok to be part of ISIS + Al Qeada, who do this sorta stuff……