Has Monty Python’s “Mr Hilter” Sketch now become a reality?

Remember the Mr Hilter Sketch in Monty Python? The one where John Cleese is dressed up as Hitler, but altered his name slightly to “Mr Hilter”?

Well in the last few months or so I’ve noticed the emergence on a certain Facebook group of a new minor British political party that instead of calling themselves the National Socialist Party (as in the German Nazi Party), are calling themselves the Patriotic Socialist Party.
John Hutton
“In time, we will raise the Party’s banner in every village, town and city in Britain.


Join us today and fight for a true alternative in British politics.”
“In time, we will raise the Party’s banner in every village, town and city in Britain. www.patriotic-socialist.org.uk Join us today and fight for a true alternative in British politics.”
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You may laugh at & ridicule them HERE.

A money saving idea – a bit grisly, but…..

From what I’ve heard it costs between £30,000 – £50,000 a year to keep someone in prison (though don’t know how they got that figure).

So based on that, to keep someone who’s done something to land them a life sentence would cost the following:

20 years = £600,000 – £1,000,000 (a million quid)
25 years = £750,000 – £1,250,000
30 years = £900,000 – £1,500,000

In comparison, a length of rope costs less than £1 a metre (unless maybe it was bought through one of New Labour’s dodgy PFI Contracts). A Gun such as a Heckler & Koch MP5 can be picked up over in the USA for about $1,500 (£901), and a box of 9mm bullets apparently cost $20 in Walmart over in the states…. for some people, surely the death penalty is the better option? (and it saves the taxpayers money having to look after the scum)

Jeremy Hunt’s doing a better job than Andrew Lansley

Hands up who else thinks that Jeremy Hunt is doing a better job than Andrew Lansley as Secretary of State for Health?

When Lansley was in the job you could hardly tell if he was doing anything, and the only time you knew he was there was when his name popped-up in the ConservativeHome monthly satisfaction survey.

In contrast Jeremy Hunt has made headlines for doing undercover shifts in NHS Hospitals, and telling the NHS they must treat patients as people + bringing back the Family Doctor.

What do the left have against electricty?

Does anyone else get the feeling that Lefties have something against electricity?

First they used to see to it that it would go off at random due to their little union friends going on strike (until Mrs Thatcher came to power and gave them all a good handbagging)……….. now it seems they’re at it again with their insistance on using “renewable” energy sources that are about effective as a dynamo powered by a Hamster on a wheel + “smart meters” that turn off your fridge at random (don’t sound too smart to me).

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London & South-East England Airport Expansion

There’s been alot of debate over the years about a 3rd Runway at Heathrow, and other means of expanding airport capacity in London. I’ve regularly contributed to the debates with observations I’ve made via Google Earth / Google Maps…. and felt now with a government enquiry on the topic on the cards, thought I’d stick them down on the ConservativeChitChat Blog so there’d be a more permanent place for these observations. It was either here, or the Transport Section on our Messageboard alongside our Real Rail Improvements series.

First off, Heathrow – looking at it via Google Maps, there’s sod all space for expansion without taking out a load of villages and things in the process + the A4.

Stansted [View in Google Maps] – Well it appears to have some room for expansion.

Gatwick [View in Google Maps] – Appears to have a bit of room for expansion, but not much.

Manston (Kent) [View in Google Maps] – One of the most favoured options by opponents to a 3rd Runway at Heathrow, due to it’s proximity with HS1 + there’s an aviation firefighting school based there too.

Boris Island / Foster’s Island (Isle of Grain) – Proposals for building a new Airport in the Thames Estuary around Sheerness + Southend-on-Sea, and my other favourite choice. The only MAIN PROBLEM voiced by critics is the proximity to the wreck of the USS Richard Montgomery with upto 3,000 tons of Explosives still on board, which could cause a large blast if they were set off. Said to be almost as quick to build as a 3rd Runway.

RAF Upper Heyford [View in Google Maps] – A year or so ago I spotted this place via Google Earth / Google Maps, last known to be in use storing surplus cars from Screaming Lord Mandelson’s car scrappage scheme. I believe this would be an ideal location for a new London Airport. It even has a railway line going past it that goes straight into London, as well as being in close proximity to the M40 Motorway. There’s been recent news of a consortium looking to build a similar idea in the same area.

WATCH: George Osborne on need for more airport capacity for the South-East.

This article also available to view HERE at our other blog.

A fairer way to tax fuel?

The UK may have been free from the tyranny of Gormless Gordon for several months now, but his legacy of bloody crazy fuel prices (largely down to his extortionate taxes, remember) lives on.

The latest figure I have of £1.30 a litre apparently works out at:
£0.50 for the liquid that goes inside your car’s fuel tank
£0.80 in taxes on the fuel to the beancounters in the Treasury.

The taxes (both of them) being “Fuel Duty“, and then “V.A.T” on top of that – double taxing in other words (isn’t that supposed to be illegal? I’m sure I’ve heard several people mention it is).

Back in the summer when Osborne & Cleggy were running online consultations asking us normal folks for ideas, I threw this suggestion of a fairer way to tax fuel into the ring……….

1) Abolish fuel duty on the fuel

2) Abolish V.A.T on the fuel & the fuel duty tax

3) Replace the 2 with a more transparent single tax, and call it “Fuel Sales Tax” (or F.S.T for short) – basically the same idea as V.A.T but with a different name & set at a rate specially for fuel – say 25 to 65% – depending on what the beancounters working out the figures deem necessary.

For starters whenever people complain on forums & blogs about the price of fuel they claim anything from 60 – 80% of the price of fuel is the tax on the damn stuff, and my idea would at least provide a definitive answer.

Other recent articles elsewhere on fuel prices:
Small businesses call for George Osborne to honour pledge on fair fuel prices (ConHome)
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£1.30 a litre – more than 80p for the government (John Redwood)
Greedy Left-wing Union morons plan fuel strikes (Daily Mail)
Petrol stations beef-up security in fear higher fuel prices mean higher numbers of fuel thefts (Daily Mail)

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Winter tip of the day for Councils

Please, Pretty please…………. in future in winter weather, send someone out with a shovel to clear Ice off pavements that go downhill, or have some other form of slope on them.

Nearly every winter I nearly break my neck on the pavement heading down into the village where I live (and I’m sure there’s people elsewhere who suffer similar problems). It got me again today, resulting from the agonising pain (for 10 – 20minutes) of a pulled muscle in my right shoulder.

Tuesday afternoon just gone, the pavements were so bad in places even the flat sections of pavement (such as the one along the wall at the bottom end of the local cemetary) were lethal…. even in a pair of Hi-Tec Eurotrek Hiking boots.