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A few reasons why Hillary lost…..

For starters, lots of people hate former British prime minister Tony Blair…. the Clintons used to be very good friends with the Blair’s, and taught him & his party everything they knew about how to lie & spin doctor their way to power at all costs….. The Clinton’s are basically the King & Queen of that style of politics that’s been going on since the early 90’s, inspired the sitcom “Spin City“… claim all the expenses & extra income they can get their hands on, spin doctor everything with glossy PR Bullcrap to stay in power even if it means casually ignoring public services falling to bits, and smear opponents

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America & the Emperor’s New Clothes

As the election process for the next President is underway, and leftards are getting their knickers in a twist every time Donald Trump’s lips move, I’ve had this thought pop into my head to describe the situation….. America has quite a few problems, and seems to be going through a phase similar to the part in the story about The Emperor’s New Clothes, where the emperor is walking around his kingdom stark bollock naked, and everyone is too polite to mention it to him because they don’t want to drop themselves in the shit. Donald Trump is kinda like the kid in the story who makes everyone nearly faint by

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Obama – Now even less popular than a fart in a spacesuit

There was a couple of stories in the past week in the media that showed Obama is getting just as unpopular among that lot as I know he is from talking to my online friends in Arkansas, North Carolina + Oklahoma……… with these 3 sucker punches being landed: Sheriff Clarke: Everything #Obama Touches "Tends to Turn to Crap" – Breitbart — ConservativeChitChat (@ConservativeCCh) July 19, 2015 Watch This TV Host SCHOOL Obama… Says What We’re ALL Thinking — ConservativeChitChat (@ConservativeCCh) July 20, 2015 Ft. Hood Victim Says Obama Needs To Get Head Out Of A$$ – BB4SP — Conservative Chick (@NaughtyBeyotch) July 20, 2015 It seems

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Will lefties try to ban the dictionary next?

On Twitter earlier, and on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show as I type this, I heard some daft MSNBC news host describe the term “Obamacare” as “racist”… didn’t Obama himself call it this before it started looking like the idea was (as predicted by many) going completely to ****? Even other notorious lefties said it was nuts. Got me thinking: Will leftards try to ban the dictionary next for being “racist filth” for having too many N-Words in it? There’s tonnes of them in the dictionary app on my iPhone, such as: Naive Numpty Nacho Nag Nail-Head Namby-Pamby Nannyish Nanny State Napoleon Narrow-minded National Debt + so many others I

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