Chequers Plan, Project Fear 2 – May Must Go

Well, that “told you so” moment I had a feeling was gonna happen has finally happened.

Just as I had feelings that turned out pretty accurate that Team Brexit would win the referendum and that Donald Trump would become President as early as when he made the first whisperings of running when it was clear Romney would lose to Obama – I also had feelings that Theresa May would make a pretty lame leader of the Conservative party as a last minute bodge after Mr & Mrs Gove took Boris out of the contest.

With the arrival of the Chequers fake-Brexit plan, and the more recent arrival of “Project Fear 2.0”, she’s going down faster than Wile E. Coyote falling off the edge of a cliff.

The Chequers plan has gone down so badly with Grassroots members that local party bosses are seeing 75-90%+ of members giving it the finger, resigning membership, or can no longer be arsed to campaign for the party due to lack of things to be able to offer that they agree with. Even the chairman of her own local party is against it.

Conservative Party poll ratings have also taken a hit.

It ain’t doing much for our hopes of getting great trade deals either.

People on the Conservative side are calling for her to go even more than the Corbynista lot usually do – Time to pull the plug, and bring in either Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg, or certainly at least Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg as Chancellor, and also get Priti Patel back in Cabinet somewhere (Deputy PM or Foreign Secretary, maybe?).

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