Creepy Joe Biden Starts Killing American Jobs Already

He’s hardly been in the job a day, but already the destruction of US Jobs has begun under the Presidency of Creepy Joe Biden.

Reports have been flooding in from survivors of recent social media culls and news outlets.

GOP boss Ronna McDaniel has reported that because of Biden nixing the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline it will kill 11,000 American jobs worth around $2-Billion in wages.

Newly elected Congresswoman Lauren Boebert reports that Responsible Energy Production supports over 230,000 jobs in Colorado, and Biden’s moves put them at risk.

A republican aiming for election in California reports that Biden’s actions will eventually cost the US Economy $3-trillion in lost revenue, and kill 6.5-million industrial jobs.

Meanwhile various experts have been saying that Biden’s proposed minimum wage hike will kill between 1.8-million to 3.8million jobs for the little guy.

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UPDATE: Word in Biden has killed off 60,000 jobs in New Mexico, a state that voted for him big style.

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