Does Cameron & Co WANT to lose the next GE?

So gives the impression of a headline I saw at the Daily Mail earlier…..


David Cameron has abandoned a pledge to deport thousands of foreign criminals, including burglars, violent thugs and thieves.

The Tory leader had promised in Opposition to change immigration rules so prisoners from outside the EU were automatically sent home – even those serving short jail terms.

It sure as hell wasn’t going down too good with the commenters at the bottom of the page.

I found James Delingpole’s Dog Shit Yoghurt theory *blog postings amusing, and as usual appear to be right…….. this latest headline makes it look like the Coalition is currently running an “x% extra-free” offer of more dog crap in the Yoghurt lately (if you include that home improvements / forced green projects / green levy announcement before this as well), or gone the whole hog and decided to get shot of the yoghurt part of it completely.

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