Don’t Ban Gas Boilers You Morons

Earlier this year, before the Conservative Party got rid of the disaster known as former Prime Minister Theresa May, I blogged that the “Conservative” Party had come up with the bloody stupid green crap policy of banning gas boilers.

While perusing my Facebook timeline just now, it would appear that bloody stupid idea is still on the menu despite the fact the Americans are massively reducing their emissions by increasing their use of this very same natural gas the “conservative” government is planning to ban boilers that use it.

This dumb idea will massively increase fuel poverty at a time when electricity costs around 17p – 22p per kWh, while gas costs around 3p – 5p per kWh, in a country which every few years sees weather like this:

To learn more truth about the green crap, visit the ConservativeChitChat policy page on it I’m slowly working on that’s somewhat more closer to the truth: CLICK HERE.

Also there’s a popular thread on the old forums about it HERE.

UPDATE: Since first posting this article on the blog, THIS story popped up in the online newspapers….

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