Don’t Ban Petrol and Diesel Cars You Morons

Another day, Another Green crap policy proposal that makes me consider my options of which British political party to give my vote to when needed.

I was already pissed off at the “Conservative” party for ruining my favourite fizzy drinks & fruit cordials with that stupid misguided sugar tax under the hopeless May woman.

In my previous blog post I was rolling my eyes at the proposal to ban cheap to run gas boilers in a country where it gets cold enough to freeze your nuts off.

When I got up today I saw in the news they were dusting off and toying with the stupid idea of bringing forward plans to ditch proper cars that actually work with stupid useless electric things so terrible they make even that old socialist sh*tbox the Trabant look partially decent.

I live for cars as much as I once lived for being able to sit and relax with a cool can of fizzy drink that didn’t contain potentially harmful to health artificial sweetners.

Because I live for cars, and been an enthusiast for at least 37 of the 40 years I have been alive, I know that unless you are a milk man, the only good electric car apart from a golf cart at a golf course, are those RC model toy ones aimed at children.

I know from my brief experiences playing with RC cars that they take f***ing forever to charge up, then only work briefly (like 15 minutes) before the battery is f***ed and you have to charge it for what feels like forever again.

Full sized electric cars are just as bad, they take hours to charge, then run out too damn quick if you use too many of the electrics or try to tackle too many steep hills at once, and in cold winter weather.

This may not be such a problem if you never have to venture outside somewhere like London, Edinburgh or Birmingham….. but it will leave you totally f***ed if you live somewhere like the Yorkshire Moors, Scottish Highlands, or anywhere else relatively remote, especially in the middle of winter.

Eventually, just like the battery in a laptop computer, the battery in an electric car ends up totally f***ed and no longer able to take a charge, and therefore needs replacing.

From what I’ve been informed, unlike your laptop computer battery (which costs around £12 to £40 to replace), the replacing the battery in an electric car can end up costing several thousand pounds – about half of what someone doing national minimum wage at 40hrs a week earns in a year.

It also appears the natural resources just aren’t there either for putting this stupid policy into effect.

Electric Cars – Shove ’em (you’ll probably end up having to if this is put into effect. frequently).

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