Politician Calls for Promotional Platforms to Pay for News Content

One of the first news stories I came across today was ex. Culture Committee Chairman Damien Collins calling for British Ministers to copy the Aussies in making Google and Facebook pay for news content.

This doesn’t really make much sense to me as a nearly 21-year veteran of using the Interweb, as these platforms are mostly intended as a place to promote content with a snippet like the one above in order to help drive traffic to the news websites.

This is a concept so simple that even a Bernie Sanders supporter can make instructional videos about it telling people how to promote their content online, and then make money with it.

They can do this through Google AdSense ads like the ones scattered over this blog, as well as other options such as Amazon Associates, Ebay Partner Platform, Media.net, BuySellsAds + others.

News outlets can also already make money from these companies by creating content on their YouTube channel (like many news outlets already have) from the AdSense adverts that pop-up during the videos on there.

This is so easy (though not as easy as it used to be) that a “man in a shed” effort with just a bog standard smartphone camera or a webcam or an average digital compact can start from practically nothing, and end up creating a small business as a “content creator” making videos that get more views than the establishment media efforts on the same platform can only dream of.

Maybe us Brits are not as 100% tuned into this new way of doing things compared to the Americans & Canadians like Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Glenn Beck, Tim Pool & the Linus Tech Tips team (and many others) who make quality online video content that can give establishment media a serious run for it’s money.

There’s also a thing called “Facebook for Creators” already, where users can essentially create a facebook page (like many news outlets already have) and post video content on it, which can also then already get monetised if it gets enough traffic.

There’s a news channel in the USA called “One America News” (or “OANN” for short) that is gaining popularity among Conservatives over there. They have for quite a while been having “issues” getting Cable/Satellite TV providers to carry them due to their being relatively new to the game and conservative. Recently they made it possible to subscribe to their channel over their Facebook & YouTube pages for $4.99 a month to work around this issue.

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