Fox News Fails

I’ve long been a fan of Fox News, especially with the lame lack of alternative options of TV news here in the UK.
Unfortunately they pulled the plug on the channel here in the UK back in 2017 when it left Sky, the only widely available paid satelite TV service we have over here. So I’ve had to make do with a patchy supply of short clips on their YouTube channel ever since.

This doesn’t mean I have been totally out of the loop, as I regularly read opinions on the channel via my army of grassroots fellow conservatives over in the USA on the usual assortment of popular social media platforms.

It would appear that the attempts of Fox News to provide coverage of the 2020 US Presidential elections really stuck the middle finger up at their core audience, and instead they had the really bright idea of instead pandering to the morons who for years have openly mocked their news channel, and slagged it off based on perceptions they gained despite rarely if ever even watching it.

As a result there have been widespread calls for people to boycott Fox News and it’s sister channels, and for people to switch their news viewing habits to Newsmax + One America News (OANN) instead.

The first fatal screw-up they made was to prematurely calling the results for the state of Arizona.

They then went on to prematurely call the result in favour of Creepy Joe Biden & Heels-up Harris before officialdom have made anything official.

According to an article on Gateway Pundit, the results to their viewing figures were not pretty come Saturday.

They hammered more nails into their coffin by canning the ever popular Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night, apparently because she planned to do a show exposing Democrat voter fraud.

Fans on social media were livid, vowing to never to watch the Fox News channel ever again, blocking it from their Cable boxes, an uninstalling Fox News apps from their smart devices.

There were further calls for people to unfollow them on social media, which seemed to have some, but limited effect.

Yet they still keeping pissing on their loyal fans, it would appear….

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