Glenn Beck Warns of Possible Issues With The Banks Looming Again

Some might consider him a bit bats**t crazy because of his days on Fox News, in much the same way some people consider Sarah Palin a bit bats**t crazy because of continual leftist efforts to hobble them with reputational damage in the early days of the Tea Party Movement.

These days however he has matured somewhat in his old age, though starting to resemble Colonel Sanders from the KFC brand image.

On his YouTube Channel lately there have been some clips posted from his show on TheBlaze where he has been warning of more things going wrong with the banking system.

On 20th September 2019 he posted this 18-minute long video warning of another possible recession coming.

A few days later on the 24th September it was followed up by this 9-minute long video warning about the banks printing money to “prevent trouble”, suggesting there may be a recession on the way that they’d rather not mention.

Whether or not he is right remains to be seen, but in the past Glenn Beck has tended to be correct 6-18months ahead of the more well known “news” outlets eventually latching on and having to put their hands up and admit the things they called him bats**t crazy for suggesting are in fact true.

Before both of these videos came out, on 27th August he posted a 14-minute video titled “Recessions Aren’t Always Bad“.

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