Hereditary Labour Voters & Sheep Shagging

With the 2015 General Election getting ever closer, you’ll no doubt start hearing stories about zombiefied sheeple voting Labour for no other reason than it being because their Grandad + other previous generations of relatives did so before them out of blind faith too.

While doing something in the kitchen a few moments ago, I managed to crack myself up after a train of thought on a parr with a Billy Connolly stand-up routine on this subject popped into my head, and it was so damn funny (well I thought so anyway), I just had to write it down in this blog and share it.

If people are voting Labour “because that’s what Grandad used to do”, what other things are they doing & think is perfectly acceptable to do “because that’s what Grandad used to do”? What if some of them had Grandad’s who were into sheep shagging?

Now that I’ve recovered from laughing at that thought….
If you wouldn’t shag sheep, even though you had a Grandparent who did so, why wouldn’t you also think for yourself and make your own minds up as to who sets tax rates & other things that dictate how to live your life from the choice of the good, the not bad, the Bloody Awful or the Bloody daft?

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