Insignificant Socialist Moron Lets Slip What They Think of Struggling Small Business Owners

Earlier this morning before I settled down to watching a DVD of the movie Carry on Teacher I responded to a twitter post from the folks at PragerU about CreepyJoe’s tax plans.

I often used to read about the art of leftie-baiting on the old Telegraph blogs and the early days of the UK edition of Breitbart c/o James Delingpole.

It feels like quite a while since I’ve managed to hook a good bite that makes leftist morons slip their masks off and show what a bunch of c**ts the left really are, but tonight it would appear I managed to hook an absolute throbber……

If you want to learn how to trigger a leftist to this standard, check out the classic read 365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy, by James Delingpole

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