Labour Are Still Coming Apart At The Seams

You may have thought the UK Labour party were a bit of a mess under Corbyn, aka “Steptoe” or “Magic Grandpa”, but some recent news stories that passed through my social media timeline suggests things are not much better under the leadership of new boy in charge Keir Starmer.

Yesterday there were reports in the Yorkshire Post that one of their Councillors in Doncaster has decided to quit in protest at Starmer’s leadership.

Mostly it appears to do with local Labour party suspensions and support for national defence methods.

Meanwhile, their Veteran MP Margaret Beckett “accidently” left her microphone open during a conference call, and said what most other people think of Laura Pidcock.

Finally, their big smelly cheese they put in charge of Wales is still being a dictator by wanting to ban your foreign Holidays + supporting a curfew on people who own a penis.

There really is no hope for them it seems.

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