Media Furiously Masturbates over Creepy Joe Biden

He’s barely been installed in office a day* half a month, but already the same mainstream media who constantly b*tched and moaned about President Donald Trump doing good for America are absolutely creaming themselves with joy over Creepy Joe Biden, and giving his lot overly soft treatment – despite the fact he’s churning out loads of executive orders that are poised to kill millions of American jobs and set back women’s rights + make essential medicines more expensive again.

* It was a day since he’d been in office when I wrote the first draft of this blog post before I kinda got side tracked with other stuff and forgot to get this thing finished and posted, hence why this final thing is a rushed and probably not as great as I originally intended mess by the time you’re reading this.

Some in the media have at least made an effort to point this fawning out….

Some in the media (even some surprising sources) eventually had enough with the surplus of executive orders being churned out by President Creepy Joe……

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