Next Speaker of The House in the United States Congress

Yesterday on a well known popular social media website (Twitter), a question was asked by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch about who should be Speaker of the House next time Republicans take control of the House of Representatives.

My replies seemed to get quite a reaction so far, with over 28151 views and 442 “Likes” on the first one as I’m typing this, and the follow-up I stuck underneath it so far on 17714 views and 136 “Likes”…. and they’re still going after 13hrs.

Basically I put together a list of the best options from the list of people currently in congress over on Ballotpedia, and picked out the ones with enough of a public profile to have the clout for the job.

Having put some further thought into the issue, I’ve come up with the following set-up……..

Speaker of the House: Steve Scalise or Thomas Massie

Majority Leader: Jim Jordan

Majority Whip: Chip Roy, Burgess Owens or Dan Crenshaw

Scalise apparently isn’t Mr Popular at the moment after he failed to stop the RINO wing of the GOP putting through Biden’s dodgy infrastructure bill, but I figured he might be better placed as Speaker of the house and have Chip Roy or Burgess Owens better placed in the Whip role as they cut a more of an imposing figure suitable for applying the pressure needed to keep things in control.

Looking through other replies to my reply, Dan Crenshaw is now a definate no for any senior role as he seems to have blown it with American conservative voters for picking wrong when it comes to voting in the house on gun control issues, and they now wish he’d kindly go away and contemplate a different career choice.

For the United States Senate, I’m thinking these 2 for the top roles when Republicans take back control………

Senate Majority Leader: Senator John Kennedy or Senator Rand Paul

Senate Majority Whip: Senator Ted Cruz

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