Just a thought…….

Came up with this while eating dinner, thought I’d whack it up here to get a bit more on the blog + in case it proves useful to anyone passing by:

“Conservative governments tend to look [at problems] before leaping [for the chequebook]. Labour / Socialist governments (as most people have hopefully noticed with the most recent one in the UK), throw lots of other people’s money at problems hoping they go away, and then only look into solving it properly when the problem has become so bad it’s gonna take the biggest miracle since the birth of Christ to put things right”.

Winter tip of the day for Councils

Please, Pretty please…………. in future in winter weather, send someone out with a shovel to clear Ice off pavements that go downhill, or have some other form of slope on them.

Nearly every winter I nearly break my neck on the pavement heading down into the village where I live (and I’m sure there’s people elsewhere who suffer similar problems). It got me again today, resulting from the agonising pain (for 10 – 20minutes) of a pulled muscle in my right shoulder.

Tuesday afternoon just gone, the pavements were so bad in places even the flat sections of pavement (such as the one along the wall at the bottom end of the local cemetary) were lethal…. even in a pair of Hi-Tec Eurotrek Hiking boots.