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Lefties, Immigration problems & diarrhea

I just took a peep at my Facebook timeline a few moments ago, and I saw this………

Brace yourself. Here it comes…

Posted by Breitbart on Saturday, August 29, 2015

The reason immigration in both America & Europe is turning into a total disaster is because of people like him treating the problem in a way that’s akin to a man with a severe bout of Diarrhea trying to treat it with the kind of powerful laxatives used prior to a colonoscopy (instead of a more suitable treatment such as imodium).

It also reminded me of one of the episodes from the first series of Blackadder (the one where the King was a teensy bit upset about Religious people)….

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Climate Realists vs Alarmists

Climate Realists, aka Sceptics, are like a man with an itchy testicle treating it as such – they’re treating a tiny problem as just a tiny problem.

Climate Alarmists, aka Global Warmingists, are like a man with an itchy testicle reacting to it as though they’ve just had a limb cut off with a chainsaw – they’re over-reacting big time.

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Obama – Now even less popular than a fart in a spacesuit

There was a couple of stories in the past week in the media that showed Obama is getting just as unpopular among that lot as I know he is from talking to my online friends in Arkansas, North Carolina + Oklahoma……… with these 3 sucker punches being landed:

It seems he’s absolutely intent on being the worst US President ever….

…and of course we musn’t forget this…….

ooh! finally!

In case you were still in doubt……

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A Labour party lead by Jeremy Corbyn would be like Kinky sex

So it’s suddenly popped into my head that a Labour party being lead by Jeremy Corbyn would probably be rather alot like sex involving handcuffs, gas masks + custard filled wellington boots……. different, but followed only by a few weirdo’s.

Any bets yet on how many more seats Labour will lose in the next General Election with him in charge? Especially if people are a bit tetchy about some of his mates…….

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Blocked by Galloway

It’s considered a sign of having made it among Conservatives on Twitter to have been blocked by George Galloway on Twitter, and today I noticed I’ve finally “made it”.

To celebrate, I decided to try make a few George Galloway jokes, seeing as he can’t see ’em…..

Feel free to add your own in the comments section thingy below

EDIT: Please remember NOT to retweet this

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Hereditary Labour Voters & Sheep Shagging

With the 2015 General Election getting ever closer, you’ll no doubt start hearing stories about zombiefied sheeple voting Labour for no other reason than it being because their Grandad + other previous generations of relatives did so before them out of blind faith too.

While doing something in the kitchen a few moments ago, I managed to crack myself up after a train of thought on a parr with a Billy Connolly stand-up routine on this subject popped into my head, and it was so damn funny (well I thought so anyway), I just had to write it down in this blog and share it.

If people are voting Labour “because that’s what Grandad used to do”, what other things are they doing & think is perfectly acceptable to do “because that’s what Grandad used to do”? What if some of them had Grandad’s who were into sheep shagging?

Now that I’ve recovered from laughing at that thought….
If you wouldn’t shag sheep, even though you had a Grandparent who did so, why wouldn’t you also think for yourself and make your own minds up as to who sets tax rates & other things that dictate how to live your life from the choice of the good, the not bad, the Bloody Awful or the Bloody daft?

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Does Britain need a new fleet of medium/big bombers?

Once upon a time, Britain had at it’s disposal a whole caboodle of bombers to choose from including the Avro Vulcan, Vickers Valiant, Handley-Page Victor, the English Electric Canberra + the Blackburn Buccaneer. Now it doesn’t, apart from a fleet of fighter-bombers.

I’ve been thinking of this and been meaning to blog about it for months (as usual), based on the fact the USA still has big bombers such as the Rockwell B1B + the Northrop B-2 + the trusty old B-52, while Russia also has a fleet of bombers such as the TU-95 + a new one showed off in the DM the other day (TU-160). Mainly because the Russians have been getting a bit frisky again (just like when we last had our own fleet of bombers), and the Argies aren’t being much better with the Falklands.

I was thinking maybe nothing too fancy…. mostly built with existing technology (e.g. leftover Eurofigter Typhoon + JSF bits)… Canberra sized + Vulcan shaped, crew of 2 with modern avoionics, etc…… title maybe something like “BAe Vulcan II” or “Eurobomber Vulcan II”. Maybe also designed so it can double-up for recon + submarine hunting duties?

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If you want to improve education, why d’ya want to teach them about ****ing Russell Brand?

Something else I mean’t to blog about for a while, and only just not gotten around to it:

If you want to improve A-Levels + education in general, why do you want them being taught about an idiot with a beard who’s mostly famous for shagging American pop star Katy Perry + sending funny phone calls to Manuel from Fawlty Towers, as well as writing books described as being full of complete crap?

I have a much better idea – teach them about Jeremy Clarkson instead. He may often get slagged off as being an idiot, but just like Boris Johnson is actually way cleverer than many people give him credit for as you may have observed when he’s gone moonlighting from Top Gear and made documentaries on The Victoria Cross, the raid on St. Nazaire, the PQ17 Arctic Convoy + on Isambard Kingdom Brunel. His writings are equally as good, and I should know because I’ve been reading them since I was about 11 years old (and I’m now weeks away from my 36th Birthday), and much of it beats the crap out of reading Shakespeare as he goes on about all kinds of stuff from Wine to Socks to Music to what goes on on Britain’s roads, before he eventually gets around to writing about the car he was supposed to be reviewing…. previews of hisbooks are available via Amazon’s KINDLE service if you want to find out for yourselves.

In addition to the writings of the Clarkson, I believe they should also make the writings of Breitbart London gaffer James Delingpole (also a Clarkson fan from what I can tell) part of the curriculum with his blog posts + books “Watermelons” + “The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism” top reads.

Thirdly they should include the writings of Daniel Hannan, the Conservative MEP who’s written books including “How We Invented Freedom & Why it Matters” as well while they’re at it.

Maybe then kids might actually learn something, and it’d maybe also save the Police a bloody fortune in riot control equipment.

And instead of teaching them about Dizzee Rascal (who?), I’m developping a hunch it may actually be a better idea to teach them about American country/pop star Taylor Swift instead, as the 25-yr old creator of songs including Love Story, Never Grow Up, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Shake it Off + many others (including 100’s more she hasn’t even published) as she’d be a way better influence + is also more up to date in terms of popularity with the kids (and I’ve also noticed it looks like Madonna + other stars young & old are becoming big fans too).

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Would we be further ahead in the polls if we hadn’t laid back and thought of England when lefties attacked?

You may have noticed from the polls that even though Labour has some of the least liked politicians in the UK, such as Ed Balls, Mad Hattie Harperson + Liam “there’s no money left” Byrne, that the gap between them & us Conservative types in the polls is more like one of those touring car races where the drivers are knocking each other’s door mirrors off…. rather than being the polling equivalent of one of those old wet F1 races where Ayrton Senna would lap the entire field.

I place the blame on the early days of the coalition, where lefties on social media groups such as this and this (with followings the size of a small town) constantly giving us sh*t for things that were a legacy left behind by Labour.
Things such as the Spare Room Subsidy (or “Bedroom Tax” as they call it) + the ATOS assessments for disabled people that got too many pukka claimants for benefits caught up in the cross-fire in the attempt to crackdown on those trying to screw the system.
Then there was the way they tried to twist the policy proposal of replacing the human rights act I blogged about earlier…. making out that Conservatives wanted to scrap human rights entirely so we could perform Auschwitz / North Korean style human rights abuses.

Instead of ripping them to shreds for doing so like Americans such as Sarah Palin, Trey Gowdy or Judge Jeannine would (or for that matter Breitbart London gaffer James Delingpole) there seemed to be a tendency to “lay back and think of England” over it in an attempt to maintain the image of being at least more polite than the lefties. Since Yahoo Answers was first launched whenever it was (a question & answer website of the 4th most popular website in the world) I often had to do “Diego Maradona style one man stands” debunking leftie crap ‘cos no one else seemed to be stepping up to the plate to deal with it too.

Things seem to have improved somewhat since January 2014 when I made a New Years Resolution Tweet on a similar theme that kinda mentioned it, and there being such a thing as being too polite.

On top of the new stuff, there’s still no let-up in the other old stand-bys of the left for throwing s**t at Conservatives over things like the ditching school milk Thatcher milk snatcher one (even though labour started it, and to a greater extent) + closing coal mines (even though labour started it, and to a greater extent).

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