PM of Luxembourg Decides to be an Arse***e

I haven’t had chance to properly read the stories yet, but on Monday (16th Sept) there was due to be a meeting to discuss Brexit or something between British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and his counterpart from the diminutive European country called Luxembourg.

It would seem that the Luxembourg PM decided to be an arse, and try to set up Boris by hosting a press conference outside in front of hostile protesters who seem to provide credible evidence that the people of Luxembourg have started mating with vegetables.

Boris left the Luxembugger PM to host the Press Conference himself, with suggestions from fellow Brexiteers on social media that if they’re going to play silly sods like that they can shove any chance of a deal where the sun doesn’t shine.
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Personally I’m in favour of annexing Luxembourg now, or at the very least since Luxembourg is apparently a popular tax haven for companies to set up there to avoid paying more taxes than necessary, that Britain should crush them by introducing a s**tload of policies to be a far better option for companies to set up home here. If they don’t like it, tough s**t.

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