Environment and Conservation

One of the core missions of ConservativeChitChat since the off is to bring truth back to the corrupted Environment and Conservation Policy, which has become a complete train-wreck of lies in the past few decades at least.

The whole fuss about “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” is a total mess based on dodgy computer models and scientists scamming the system to try cling onto funding.

The past decade or so has seen a number of scientists who once supported it (including those who started the whole fuss in the first place) starting to put their hands up and admit they goofed.

No matter how many times you think you’ve got rid of the problem, though, it keeps coming back to cause problems. Mostly by politicians who’ve found it a brilliant way to screw more tax money out of us “plebs”, while also introducing Socialism/Communism via the back door + try cover their backsides to make it look like they’ve achieved something of note in their bland and pitiful career in politics.

You can usually tell when the government of Argentina have screwed up, because they tend to start kicking up a fuss over the Falkland Islands to distract the population. It is a similar story in Spain, where instead the government start kicking up a fuss about Gibraltar.

In Britain and America + other parts of Europe, they instead use “Global Warming” / “Climate Change” / “Climate Emergency” nonsense in much the same way to distract people from other problems and try to make it look like they’re achieving something when all else has epic failed.

As a result of the s**t-stirring they’ve caused, we now have mass protests from brainwashed mongs with their heads filled with bad science making the sort of demands placed on government one would normally associate with the old story of King Canute trying to turn back the tide.

The extent to which the climate is changing has been massively exaggerated, and short of figuring out how to wire one of those NEST Smart Learning thermostats for the central heating to the sun, there is jacks**t we can do about it anyway.

Politicians demand a massive fortune be wasted on cutting emissions from factories and transport despite them being massively reduced in recent decades in Europe and North America to the point they’re a mosquito fart compared to elephant farts coming out of China, India and other growing parts of the world.

These lunatic politicians must be stopped to prevent economic harm

to be continued….

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