RIP Bush 41

An hour or two before I finally crawled to bed Saturday morning, former President George HW Bush was trending on twitter, and a further search revealed it was because America had 1 less living former President than it had previously.

He was the 3rd US President to do the job in my life time, and the 2nd to be around at a time I was old enough to be able pay any attention to things like this.

The last WW2 veteran to serve as President, and the last before the modern win at all costs spin-doctoring approach to politics took hold via his successor.
Not seemingly one to slow down in old age, going skydiving on his 90th Birthday a few years ago:

He was married to the late Barbara Bush, the couple once being spoofed in one of the “Naked Gun” trilogy movies.
He was also of course father to President George W. Bush (Bush 43, POTUS 43) and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Here’s what other people had to say about him and this event:

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