Still Waiting for Brexit and MayExit

It’s 12th May as I start typing this attempt at a blog post, about 45 days after Britain was supposed to exit the EU either via a Real Brexit WTO “no deal” method or a Lesser Brexit with a deal that’s not really a proper full Brexit from the EU.

Party members do not appear too amused, with 82% of members wanting rid of PM Theresa May and a new party leader put in place according to a poll by the people over at ConservativeHome.

The electorate also seem even less amused than that, with the party losing over 1300 Councillors in the local elections at the start of the month, and things looking not much better in the polling for the upcoming European Elections costing £150million that we shouldn’t be needing to have.

The only plus point is the entertainment from the savagery of Britain’s leading political commentators and Satirical Cartoonists.

Meanwhile on Twitter earlier I started seeing signs that other senior elected members of the party are starting to sound like Comical Ali from the Iraq war in terms of their denial of what a complete horlicks things are turning into for the party.

But there may be light appearing at the end of the tunnel, perhaps?

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