China is ‘very aggressively’ trying to ‘gain control’ of United Nations

The other day Peter Navarro (White House Trade advisor) was warning on the news that China is very aggressively trying to grab control of various agencies of the United Nations.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro claimed that China was “very aggressively” trying to “gain control” of agencies of the United Nations.

Navarro joined Fox News’s Martha MacCallum on her show Wednesday night to discuss China, its role in the coronavirus outbreak, and the communist country’s relationship with agencies such as the World Health Organization.

“Martha, let me — let me give you a kind of bigger look at the chessboard here because the U.N. itself has 15 specialized agencies including the WHO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, things like that,” Navarro said.

“And what China has been doing very, very aggressively over the last decade is to try to gain control of those by electing people to the top,” he continued.

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This probably needs to nipped in the bud, as I’ve noticed in recent times signs that people are losing faith in the UN because for quite a while it has been showing signs it has started to wander too far from it’s original intentions of giving nations a place to talk to try avoid another bout of fisticuffs like previously seen in the first 2 World Wars.

Many other organisations have gone the same way, and aren’t much better.

More Proof Socialism is Worthless Compared to Capitalism

Shortly after getting my butt out of bed today, and my pacing habit had kicked in I suddenly got wondering what would happen if I put the following words into a well known popular keyword tool.

  • Socialism
  • Capitalism
  • Libertarianism

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