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I see quite a lot of social media posts during the course of the typical week, and recently I saw 2 about the Labour Party that should concern anyone with an interest in child safety. LABOUR’S COVER-UP: Gordon Brown’s Government …

Would You Trust Labour With Your Kids? Read More »

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It was already previously known that Jeremy Corbyn was a useful idiot for the Russians, and was known as Agent Cob. ‘Agent COB’ Doesn’t Deny Passing Information to Commie Spies https://t.co/TlsSKdBOrW via @GuidoFawkes #GE2019 #NationalSecurity — ConservativeChitChat (@ConservativeCCh) December 3, …

Agent Cob Tries to Smear #GE2019 Rivals With Russian Documents Read More »

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You may have noticed in the news that #GE2019 is in full swing still. During the past week or so, 3 of the main newspapers that ordinary hardworking people actually read have had articles out with experts explaining just how …

Corbyn’s Labour: Seriously Bad for Your Wealth. Seriously Bad for Business. Read More »

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After the leaders debate type thing on the BBC earlier on, the main takeaway I’m getting is that the BBC Bias on display was among some of the worst ever seen.

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