Does Britain need a new fleet of medium/big bombers?

Once upon a time, Britain had at it’s disposal a whole caboodle of bombers to choose from including the Avro Vulcan, Vickers Valiant, Handley-Page Victor, the English Electric Canberra + the Blackburn Buccaneer. Now it doesn’t, apart from a fleet of fighter-bombers.

I’ve been thinking of this and been meaning to blog about it for months (as usual), based on the fact the USA still has big bombers such as the Rockwell B1B + the Northrop B-2 + the trusty old B-52, while Russia also has a fleet of bombers such as the TU-95 + a new one showed off in the DM the other day (TU-160). Mainly because the Russians have been getting a bit frisky again (just like when we last had our own fleet of bombers), and the Argies aren’t being much better with the Falklands.

I was thinking maybe nothing too fancy…. mostly built with existing technology (e.g. leftover Eurofigter Typhoon + JSF bits)… Canberra sized + Vulcan shaped, crew of 2 with modern avoionics, etc…… title maybe something like “BAe Vulcan II” or “Eurobomber Vulcan II”. Maybe also designed so it can double-up for recon + submarine hunting duties?