The Drudge Report Ain’t No Fun Anymore

There have been a handful of posts like these going around about the once well known news service The Drudge Report, which for those of you who don’t know is a news aggregation service that has been sharing news from around the interweb on social media since before it was cool (much like I try to do with this place, kind of).

This one here being the most recent I have seen pointing out it isn’t what it was….

Apparently there is a reason for this

Be sure to follow ConservativeChitChat on Twitter as one of many alternative places to find news that is more important than the latest pictures of some lame celebrity’s boobs.

Hopefully I’ll try pick things up around here too if I don’t keep getting hobbled by various problems, looking at the way has seemingly been changed lately it is looking like I may finally have to try do more here and cut out the middleman.

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