The Liberal Democrats Still Suck

For many years, the Liberal Democrats have had some sort of yellow bird as their logo, much like a Canary, which for many years (since at least the 17th century), has been a popular avian pet to keep in a cage.

The Canary-like logo is perhaps appropriate for them seeing as they also seem to want to keep the British population trapped in a cage, more commonly known as the EU, despite the fact a significant chunk of the British population voted to part company with the EU way back in 2016.

Despite this democratic vote to leave, the Liberal Democrats have been part of the problem of elitist moron politicians throwing a spanner in the works, and have vowed to continue doing so, and therefore must be destroyed like a rabid dog, never to inhabit elected government ever again.

They keep talking utter bs about Brexit supporters being “insular”, despite the fact the Liberal Democrats and other Remoaner types are the ones who want to keep Britain locked in a failing group of 27 European countries who fail to get important things done for years at a time, while constantly introducing petty rules that make it ever more difficult to get anything else done.

Brexiteers on the other hand are far from insular, and contrary to Remoaner idiots beliefs that we want to make Britain walk alone and lock out the world, we instead want to party with the rest of the world where the money is, and where there is potential for growth: USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Chile, Brazil + many others.

I recall many years ago, probably before the birth of this website, that John Redwood MP wrote in his popular blog that a new name needs to be found for the liberal democrats due to the fact they are neither liberal nor democratic.

Some 9 or 10 years later, not much seems to have changed other than the fact more people seem to be latching onto this view as well. Actually having looked-up the the article again to see if it’s still up it was in fact 11 years ago (14th September 2008).

They also haven’t changed much since Margaret Thatcher gave that famous speech at the 1990 Conservative Party Conference, quoting a slightly modified version of the Parrot Sketch from Monty Python.

They’ve been making false promises of how they’re going to win a general election since back then, and they’re still making them now, only breaking through during the 2010 Coalition with the Conservatives after they finished in their customary 3rd place once more.

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