Twitter Commits Hari Kari

News came in tonight that a certain until recently popular short-blogging website owned by a beardy bloke named jack finally comitted hari kari by partaking in their own version of the night of the long knives, and zapped President Trump and a large number of his team & followers from their platform.

A number of people I’ve been following have been complaining about their follower numbers dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants around an intern.

My follower numbers have been dropping, but not quite as drastically, down from around 2750 to 2645 over the past week or so.

In response I’ve removed the Twitter + Facebook plugins from this and my other wordpress installations.

The surge in traffic seems to have caused problems at alternatives Parler + Gab to lag like hell prior to crashing because of the hamster powering the servers struggling to keep up.

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