Twitter Twats Strike Again

The Anti-Free Speech Nazi types in charge of Twitter struck again on Thursday night by nailing this blog’s account on there for making a harmless joky off-the-cuff reply to a tweet on their stupid website.

Prominent environment correspondant type person on there Steve Milloy posted a video of the stupidest man in American politics, epic failure former Democrat Presidential Candidate John Kerry being quoted in a TV interview as “wanting to get all the carbon out of the atmosphere” in an attempt to look more knowledgeable than he really is at his new climate job.

This is despite the fact actual scientists more qualified on the topic have been warning for some time that the amount of carbon in the atmosphere has dropped to below half the amount needed to sustain plant life on the planet by acting as plant food.

A former Congressman from Utah has even called out Kerry for his total lack of knowledge on the subject.

As social networking websites go, Twitter is getting pretty lame asf now for even banning people for suggesting an imbecile in a position of authority beyond their ability talking psuedo-scientific bullshit should be slapped round the head with an actual scientist in a style similar to the fish slapping dance from Monty Python.why twitter should fail

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