Would Politics & Politicians be liked better with these PR lessons from Formula1?

Even before the last general election in 2010, people were getting a bit sick of political spin, and you may have noticed quite alot of the bloody awful mess left by Labour was caused by their rather unfortunate habit of sugarcoating the truth about everything out of fear of making themselves look bad.

One particular phrase that springs to mind is that old classic “lessons will learned” used practically everytime someone in government screws up, which has been used to such an extent that whenever those words are now uttered, voters faces develop an expression similar to Grumpy Cat, and mutter a Ben Elton-esque “will they bollocks” as they roll their eyes at it.

Now… remember the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix, when Nico Rosberg tagged the back of Lewis Hamilton’s car? Then when the BBC Interviewed their team bosses Toto Wolff & Niki Lauda they didn’t exactly hold back their thoughts om how unimpressed they were with Nico after that? Wouldn’t it be better if Politicians handled incidents like that, instead of the old “Lessons will be learned” crap?

And for that matter, instead of droning on, how about giving Kimi Raikkonen style short answers that get to the point? (I’m working on that approach myself), such as that quoted in his interview on Top Gear about his opinion on a particular circuit: “The first 3 corners are ok, but the rest of it’s sh*t”.


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