Two Labour Party Members Busted for Election Leaflet Naughtiness

Two stories popped up in my Twitter feed today, both involving members of the Labour Party being up to no good breaking the law by stealing opponent’s election leaflets from people’s letter boxes.

The incidents happened at different areas of the country, one in Bolton and one in Bournemouth.

In the Bolton incident, a Labour Councillor has been suspended from the party for stealing from people’s letterboxes. Continue reading “Two Labour Party Members Busted for Election Leaflet Naughtiness”

Daily Mail Columnist Wacks Nanny State Conservative Party Politicians

Saw this one early Thursday morning that’s worth a look.

Daily Mail Columnist slaps Nanny State Politicians in the Conservative Party, chiefly George “Gideon” Osborne…….

Villiers Wants to Scrap Anti-Car Stupidity

I saw a brief flurry of sense coming from the Conservative Party pop-up in my timeline earlier…….

Get Beaker Out

It would appear a chance has arisen to get Ed “Beaker” Miliband out of the way for a while.

Apparently he’s been campaign during a polling day embargo thing…….

Time to Scrap the Scottish Parliament?

It looks like this might need to be looked at soon after the current SNP Clown Show has got Scotland into a bit of a mess.

Apparently 80% of readers of the Scottish Express Newspaper are in favour of giving Holyrood the chop.

Welsh Labour Plotting to Axe Discounts on Council Tax

Sources have revealed that the Labour Party is apparently plotting to abolish discounts to people’s Council Tax bills in Wales for vulnerable people.

The move would see people’s Council Tax bill shoot-up by 33%, so potentially around £396 in some cases, with a £1200 bill jumping to around £1,596 as a rough example (despite the cost of living crisis).

Toxic Housing Estates Being Built in Britain

Yesterday the Daily Mail had a report about some major failings with the construction of housing estates across the UK.

Continue reading “Toxic Housing Estates Being Built in Britain”

Liberal Democrat Run Council Takes Workplace Laziness to New Extremes

Reported in the Daily Mail, the Liberal Democrat run South Cambridgeshire Council is apparently introducing a 4-day work week
(just as we’ve been having enough trouble as it is getting people back into work after the Pandemic).

Continue reading “Liberal Democrat Run Council Takes Workplace Laziness to New Extremes”

Ron DeSantis Shunned by Rishi Sunak

It has been reported on Breitbart and The Times that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been denied the opportunity to meet with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Ron DeSantis has recently been gallivanting around the world as rumours mount on whether or not he’s going to throw his hat into the ring for the 2024 POTUS Race against Donald Trump. Continue reading “Ron DeSantis Shunned by Rishi Sunak”